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ncis_nostalgia's Journal

NCIS Nostalgia -- For Early Season Fans
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All Members , Moderated
The purpose of this community is to celebrate the early seasons of NCIS. Most of us prefer those seasons to the later seasons of NCIS, but that doesn't mean all of us hate seasons three onward. You aren't going to be forbidden to join or talk or anything if you like the later seasons, as long as you realize that most of the talk will center around seasons one and two (and probably three).

What is On Topic? Anything to do with first, second or third season. Icons, fan fic, art, vids, discussion, questions, you name it. If it's about the first three seasons and it's NCIS, it counts.

General Posting Rules:
If you aren't sure if a post is appropriate to or allowed on the community, e-mail me (mylogiceatsyou AT aol DOT com) and ask before posting. Posts containing anything resembling the statement "If this isn't allowed, just delete it" will be deleted immediately regardless of whether or not the content would normally be allowed.

-- Posts are currently submitted via mod approval, once things get going again this will change

Rules for Posting Images: Anything not work safe or larger than 300 pixels wide must go behind an LJ-cut. How to Use An LJ-Cut.

Rules for Posting Fic: All fics must have the following minimum information in the header, which must be outside the LJ-cut:

Category: (gen, het, or slash)

The body of all fics, regardless of length, must be behind an LJ-cut. How to Use An LJ-Cut.

This community welcomes fic, icons, art, vids, etc. etc., as long as they are based on the first three seasons.

Spoiler warnings or cuts are not required for anything in the first three seasons. People watching for the first time must be aware that discussion of late season two could very well crop up in early season one discussion threads and such.

Special Request: It would make your moderator happy if you would refrain from using made-up pairing names (e.g., "Tate", "Tibbs"). Thank you kindly.

Advertising (Pimping) Policy: E-mail the moderator (mylogiceatsyou AT aol DOT com), describe the community, and ask for permission. Wait for permission. Do not post advertisements without permission or they will be summarily deleted and not be permitted to be reposted.


Contact the moderator, mylogiceatsyou, if you have questions. You can comment on any of my posts, or e-mail me at mylogiceatsyou AT aol DOT com.



Would you like to affiliate with this community? Contact the moderator! ^_^