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Hey Everyone!

Since LJ decided to bring about it's new Community Ownership thing, I have ended up as the owner of this quiet little corner of the NCIS fandom. This place was once, I know, hugely active, and was so thanks to the marvellous work of previous creators and mods, whom you all likely know.

I am hoping, and particularly now, when there are so many seasons of NCIS to choose from, that NCIS Nostalgia can come to life once more.

I've changed the journal style - put a very, very basic and shoddy header up using my just as shoddy graphics skills (read: I have none). The first order of business, depending on interest, may be to organise a bit of a header competition.

This post is all about gauging interest in this community continuing. Some fantastic discussions and interpretations of old episodes here happened in the rewatches, and it was (and hopefully will be again) a great place for fans of the early seasons (1 - 3) to come together and share their love.

If anyone would like to contact me directly, it can be done via PM to mylogiceatsyou, or via my email at I'd love to hear from you with ideas, donations of headers (I'm hopeful ;)), thoughts, etc. Alternatively, comments here are fantastic too.

I've got posting set to by mod approval for the moment, just until things are sorted out, but that will be changed back once everything is organised - if it is.

I really hope to hear from anyone who is still interested, and hope to see this comm come to life again!
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Kate/Gibbs video

A friend of mine a few months ago made very nice Kate/Gibbs video and I decided-with her permission-to share it with you.:) Video belongs to [info]sasha_perrette - -she  makes one of the best videos I've seen.
Fandom: NCIS
Characters: Kate/Gibbs
Music: Paramore ~ CrushCrushCrush

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My Life Is Average, an NCIS fanfic.

Title: My Life Is Average

Category: NCIS
Character(s): Tony D. & Kate T.

Words: 1,311
Genre(s): Romance/Humor
Rating: Rated: K+
Summary: They would talk and watch movies, having, what would look like to an
outsider, a completely average life, no murder, no NCIS, just Kate and Tony."
-- Kate and Tony's relationship blossoms through a completely average website.
-- Romance/Humour/Friendship


My Life Is Average )

NCIS Ficathon: Round IV Sign Ups Reminder


ncis_ficathonis a ficathon community that's open to all aspects of fandom including Gen, Het, Slash and Femslash. There is only one week left to sign up for this ficathon, so come check it out today!

No previous ficathon experience is necessary, and everyone is welcome. We all love NCIS, and we want to celebrate our love of this fun, amazing show with lots of fan fiction.

So come, bring your best ideas, and adventurous spirit and sign up for the ficathon today before it's too late!